Teen Age Girl's View on Boys' Clothing


by Whoever, age 14, from central Texas

Okay, I give up. I just don't get why guys dress like they do. I mean, do they think that we girls LIKE baggy, shapeless T-shirts over sagging jeans that puddle around their feet? Do they think it makes them look cool? Or are they just too lazy to do any real shopping? In my high school's cafeteria the other day, I took a good look at some of the stuff these slobs were wearing. I was floored by some of the weird combos they had on. Try this on for size (but not literally): an oversized pink T paired with saggin' blue, green, white, and gray shorts (plaid); white socks worn all the way up to the knees; and the most torn-up sneakers I've ever seen! Another guy had on your basic worn-out, knee-length, plaid shirt; and a pair of the usual kind of shorts -- but what was really bizarre, was that he had on a pair of bright red sneakers with white stripes! I am not kidding! I would have gotten pictures, but I don't have a way to get them over the Internet, and I sure don't want to keep `em. While I was looking at guys, I compared them to the girls. Now, I can see why guys spend so much time "scoping" girls. Almost every girl in my school ranges from "okay" to "WOW," while the general guy population ranges from "okay" to "not-even", with the occasional "decent" to "majorly fine" guy here and there. Of course, there are probably people reading this and going, "Ex-cuse me! Nobody can help what they look like!", but just chill for a minute. See, a lot of these ugly guys could raise themselves into at least the "okay" category if they would like, change their hair style, and while they're at it, dye it back to its natural color, or at least one that looks natural. In other words, something besides orange, blue, pink, and green. As for clothes, most of the girls were wearing really cool dresses that probably cost a fortune, or mini-Ts with fitted jeans, or at the very least, semi-loose t-shirts tucked into regular-fit jeans. A lot of the girls' clothes, I'd be willing to bet, were way expensive. Like, my last trip to the mall cost me (correction: my mom) about $200. But I know this guy who told me that he gets his shirts at this discount store where you can get three shirts for $5! Does this seem a little unfair to you? And I've only talked about clothes so far. What about the other things women have to do that guys got out of somewhere along the line? Stuff like...shaving legs and 'pits, putting on make-up, carefully treating and perming and styling what hair we aren't expected to shave off. I would just like to know when, where, and by whom these rules were decided, you know. I mean, what, did somebody just sit down and say, "Okay, here's how it's gonna be from now on: all women have to shave off leg and 'pit hair when it becomes easy to spot, any hair that isn't shaved has to be changed in some way from how it would be naturally... and hey! why don't they put goo on their faces too?" I'm not saying that women everywhere should unite against make-up and hair-care/removal. But I do want to make a point: if guys expect us to go out of our way to look beautiful (or should I say, "even more beautiful than we already are?") then I think they should at least try to do the same. -- Whoever