Knee Pants Suit

Boys in America, England and Europe after they grafuated from boyish styles like kilts, Fauntleroy suits, Buster Broen suits, and sailor suits were outfitted in suits much like their fathers. Many in England and America received at Eton suit. But many were outfitted in suits little different than their fathers--with one major exception. Boys were outfitted in knee pants rather than long pants like their fathers. The pants came to the knee. There were different styles. Some purse out and in the 1920s evi\olved into the popular knicker style. Some had straight, open legs. Others had buttons or buckles. All were worn with long over the knee stockings. The short pants leaving the knees bare were not widely worn until popularized by the Boy Scouts and were not commonly used in suits until the 1920s.

Boys wore different styles of short pants suits. Eton suits were popular, but often worn with long pants. One of the most popular styles worn with knee pants were Norfolk suits.