The American Presidents and Their Families

America of course has no royal family to help set fashion standards as was the case in Europe. The American president and his family have in part played this role. Thus a review of the American presidents provide glimpses on popular children's fashions of the day. In addition, the clothing of the presidents themselves

Figure 1.--President Harding and his son with the Washington Post editor and his wife and son in a photograph taken about 1920.
provide additional glimpses.
Information is available on the following presidents:
Harding, Warren G. (1865-1923): The 29th president is widely considered one of the worst presidents. He was born on an Ohio farm and after college entered the newspaper profession. He was elected president in 1920.
Kennedy, John F. (19??- ):
Lincoln, Abraham (18??-65):
Reagan, Ronald (19??- ):
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (1882-1945): The 32nd pesident is generally consudered to be the most important American states man of the 20th century. He led America through the two most serious crises of the century, the Great Depression and Second World War. He was born in Hyde Park, New York, a cousin of President Theodore Roosevelt, whose niece he mairred in 1905. He was educated at ???, Harvard University, and Colombia University Law School.
Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919): The 26th president was the first significant president of the 20th century. He was elected vice-president in 1900 and became president upon the assasination of President McKinley in 1901. He estabklished the key

Figure 3.--Theodore Roosevelt and his wife with their three older children Theodore Jr., Cornelius, and Grace in a photograph taken about 1890.
principle of an active Federal Government with a responsibility to intervene in the in the economy to ensure the welfare of the common man. Roosevelt was born in New York City. His first mairage ended sadly in the death of his wife. Their only child Alice is a case study on her own. The President once said that a President can manage the country or manage Alice, but it was impossible to do both at the same time. His second family included: Kermit (1889-1943) and Theodore Jr. (1887-1944), and ???? (18??-1918)

Christopher Wagner

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