Historical Reenaction: Civil War

Historical reenaction is a popular summertime activity in America. The single most popular reenaction events are those associated with the Civil War. Menare the primary aficionados, but often the entire family participates.

Thousands of children were directly involved in the Civil War. Older boys served as soldiers. Many younger boys were also invoved, some boys as young as 11 years old. The younger boys generlly served as drummer or buggle boys. Both the Confederate and Union soldiers tried to look after the younger boys. In major engagements they were often sent to the rear when charges into fortifications were planned. In some cases they had to be forced to the rear crying. Such a scene is portrayed in the movie Glory.

Related Books about the Civil War

Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt: Set in Illinois. Story about a boy whose family is split by the Civil War when his brothers enlist on opposite sides.
With Every Drop of Blood by James Lincoln Collier: While trying to deliver food to Richmond, Virginia, a 14 year old boy is captured by a Black Union soldier. Bull Run by Paul Fleischman. First battle of the Civil War.
Turn Homeward, Hanalee by Patricia Beatty: A girl and her brother are taken from their home in Georgia to the North by Sherman's Yankee soldiers to work in textile mills. Hanalee tries to return to her mother still in Georgia. This is loosely based on an historical incident. The sequel is Be Ever Hopeful Hanalee.
The Root Cellar by Janet Lunn: Time travel to the Civil War era. An orphaned girl is sent to live with relatives in Ontario, Canada. She finds herself in the Civil War after entering an abandoned root cellar. She makes friends with a servant girl. Together thay travel to wartime Washington, D.C. to find a friend of the servant girl who ran away from home to join the Union army.
Shades of Gray by Carolyn Reeder: A 12 year old boy goes to live with his aunt and uncle in the Virginia countryside. He considers his uncle a traitor because he did not take a role in the war.
Mr. Lincoln's Drummer by G. Clifton Wisler: About an ll year old Civil War drummer who becomes the youngest receipent of the Congressional Metal of Honor.
A Dangerous Promise by Joan Lowery Nixon: Two twelve year olds join the Union army as musicians and see the horrors of war.
Jayhawker by Patricia Beatty: A teenage boy from Kansas becomes an abolitionist raider freeing slaves in Missouri and then becomes a spy.
Who Comes with Cannons by Patricia Beaty: Twelve year old Quaker girl from Indiania stays with relatives who are running a North Carolina station in the Underground railroad.


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