Historical Boys' Uniforms

After working on the expanded Historic Boys' Clothing Website for several months, I can tell that I will soon run out of room. Therefore I have decided to create a separate site

Figure 1.--The NAZIs abolished the German Scout movement, but used the Scouts as a prototype in many ways.
just for the uniforms worn by youth groups. There is some basic information at this web site on the Boys' Brigade and the Scouts at this web site, but the detailed information on each group will be at a new Historic Boys' Uniform Site. Please contact the Web Master for additional information.

There must have been youth organiztions in Fascist Itlay or Imperial Japan before the War. If you have any information on any other youth organizations not discussed here, plese let me know so I can add information on additional groups.

Figure 2.--Since the 1950s some of the uniformed youth groups have become mixed boys and girls groups.

Christopher Wagner


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