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Thank you for your interest in this page. I would like to think of it as a cooperative effort with you. Your comments would be of great interest. I am looking for any historical material, articles on clothing, interesting pasages from biographies/autobiographies,

Figure 1.--Shorts became more common in the 1920s, especially in more affluent American families, but were still generally worn long. The picture shows Eleanor Roosevelt and her son James.
old-time photographs of your family, even personal remberences of the more modern clothing styles, or any other pertinent material. Perhaps you have some interesting ideas about further additions.

I would greatly appreciate any new material you could provide. Please don't think you have to write any massive academic piece. Any thing you might care to submit would be of interest. I think actually that the most interesting material is the little items visitors to this web site have provided about their own personal experiences. A wide variety of material would be of interest: descriptions of your and your friends' boyhood clothes; school or scout uniforms; what you liked and didn't like and why (uncomfortable, old fashioned, juvenile, ect.); conversations with your parents and friends; a picture of you as a boy in period clothing; or anything else you would like to share. All of us must at least remember some of what what we wore as kids and what we liked and didn't like. Many of us were quite clothes conscious as children or especially teenagers. As a result, we have considerable expertise on the clothing styles of our youth--to a far greater extent than historians looking back. We are the ones that remember the fashions, fads, and expressions of our formative years. We are seeking information on fashions styles, but also how the changing fashions have reflected societal changes and how we as chldren viewed those societal changes.

Some of you have expressed considerable interest in certain pahes of this web site. If you find one of our ages particularly interested, we'd be quite willing to discuss an adopt- a-page understanding with you. We have our hands full with this massive undertaking and would be most interesting in others pursuing specific pages in more detail tham we are capable of doing at this time.

This web site is still under construction and is likely to be so for some time as your contributions flow in. Check back soon for several new additions.

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