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Thank you for your many kind comments about my web site. I have also greatly appreciated your many helpful suggestions and fascinating personal contributions. They have made piecing together this web site a most enlightening experience and the opportunity to meet some fascinating people. In fact, I have received so much new material that I can no longer accomodate it all on this web site. I also have no room left for

Figure 1.--Fauntleroy suits after the turn of the century came with smaller lace collars and increasing were made with short pants. They were often worn with strap patent leather party shoes. Long curls became less common. Notice the fashionable broad-brimmed hat.
several exciting new topics that you have recommended.

I have decided to create a new web site incorporating the material here with:

  • more detailed historical data and discussion,
  • many more historical photographs
  • additional and more detailed style pages
  • paintings and drawings from the eras before photograhy had developed
  • catalogs and magazines of each period
  • country pages
  • more of your personal remeberences
  • synopsis of movies showing period dress,
  • biographical information on various historical figures and current notables wore as boys.
  • new topic listings
  • summaries of internet discussions

    BHC is not a one-time quick visit. There are images and personal experiences located in nooks and cranies throughout the site. As you may have noticed, this is a "living" web site. I don't pretend to be a historian. But I have done some research. With your comments and insights, I think we can develop a through understanding of trends in boys' clothing. It is going to take some time to pursue all the different subjects and avenues of investigation. But few days go by that I don't receive some comments or suggestions on at least one of the page. As a result, there are constantly corrections or additions to the pages of this site.

    I encountered some problems in building the new expanded web site, but finally transferred the files. I have also begun to enter many bnew pages and images. This process is just beginning, but the new expanded site is now functional. There's a lot more to do, there is mow quite a lot of new material uploaded. Please have a look and let me know if you have any comments.

    Expanded Site Now Open

    Accessing the Expanded Site

    There are two ways to access the new BHC expanded site:

    Contributors: Those of you who have so kindly contributed information or historical images will receive, free of charge, a full year of access to the BHC expanded site. You can simply contact the BHC web master via E-mail for your access code. I appreciate your support of BHC and think you will find the new material being posted on the expanded site of great interest.

    Subscribers: I hope that you all contribute to the web site. All of us must at least remember some of what what we wore as kids and what we liked and didn't like. Many of us were quite clothes conscious as children or especially teenagers. As a result, we have considerable expertise on the clothing styles of our youth--to a far greater extent than historians looking back. We are the ones that remember the fashions, fads, and expressions of our formative years. We are seeking information on fashions styles, but also how the changing fashions have reflected societal changes and how we as chldren viewed those societal changes. I understand, however, that some of you will be unable to contribute. If so, you can still access the new site. Just contact the web master via by e-mail. I think you will enjoy both the new expanded web site as well as a delightful British book which is part of the access arrangements.

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