Frequently Asked Questions?

Many of you have asked a variety of subjects about this web site. As I want to reserve my time actually working on the web site, I thought I'd answer your questions here.

1. Why just boys clothes? What about the girls?: Help! Help! This project has mushroomed as it is. I thought by focusing on boys I could restrict the subject somewhat. There is way more material than I can hendle as is. I think, however, that someone should address the subject og girls' clothes. Some of the historical material I've collected would help in that enerprise and I would be glad to assist. I hope someone will eventually start just such a project.

2. What about work and casual clothes? Although not exclusively, I have given special attention to dress clothes. This is simply because they are more interesting. Clothes worn every day such as long trousers and overalls would be a bit boring to discuss, don't you think. I do, however, attempt to discuss casual clothes and would greatly appreciate any descriptioins of casual clothes that web visitors may choose to contribute. There are pages for "T" shirts and jeans. Please let me know whau think amout them.

3. Can we contribute material anonamously? I do prefer to indicate sources as a confirmation of authenticity. However, I recognize that some of you are a little shy about your own personal experiences. Thus I do accept anonamous submissions. Please noye that I would never use someone's name without first obtaining their permission.

4. Why do you charge for the expanded site? I know web surfers like free stuff. I do myself. Actually, anyone who contributes to the site receives free access. hose who don't have time to contribute are asked to contribute a small sum to offset the not-inconsiderable costs of purchasing books, photography, scanning, software, ect. Seems fair to me.

5. I disagree with some of your comments on styles, fashiions, dates, ect. Great! I'd love your input. America is a big country. Styles and preferences, especially in the era before television were much more localized. In addition, fashions in different countries varied. Let me know if you see anythibg you think should be changed.

6. Why is clothing so important? I don't understand your interest? It seems to me that history should deal with more imporant matters.: Yes, I think history has generally dealt with the important leaders and the major events, like wars and depressions. I have no quarel with that, such events need to be covered. That doesn't mean, however, that other subjects should be ignored. I think that social history has too often been given short shrift by historians. This web site seeks to have a look at one aspect in the life of children over the past 500 years. I think it is a subject that has been sorely neglected. If it bores you, fine. Tune into History Channel and watch the Germans invade France for the one millionth time.

7. Why are there no photographs with some of the pages? I'm sorry that I have been unable to illustrate all of the pages. My goal is to have photographs and art work to illustrate all of the different styles and periods. Unfortunately, images tend to be ver large files and I have simply run out of space at this site. Almost all of the pages in the expanded site will have appropriate illustrations. I invite those of you who have interesting family photographs or pertinent historical pictures to provide copies to better illustrate the expanfed web site.

8. What's with all the spelling errors? I'm sorry for all the mispellings. I'm afraid computers are a bit of a mystery to me. I'm doing this page directly in HTML and not a editor like FrontPage which would make it easier to correct the mistakes. I'm a poor speller and combined with my poor typing, the mitakes abound. Now while I am a poor speller I can generally find and edit the mistakes. The problem is that the web hosters are clunky. Combined with my slow computer, pages somestimes take a half hour to load for editing. Sometimes they won't load at all. Correcting the spelling is one of the items on my very long list of actions. However, to completely edit all the pages here and on my new expanded page would take weeks. I would have to stop adding new material for quite a while. I have thus decided for now to only correct errors as I come across them. I view these pages as rough drafts where I am collecting material and not the finished book. I will of course eventually give the pages a good edit as there are also organizational and stylistic problems. My focus for now is to collect and archive historival information and photographs.


Christopher Wagner

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