Little Lord Fauntleroy Movies and Television Productions

Many popular stage productions followed the publication of Little Lord Fauntleroy in 1886. Many movie and television productions have also been made of Little Lord Fauntleroy. Some of the earliest productions (plays and early movies) had girls are even well-known theater and movie actresses play Cedric, such as the Mary Pickford production (1921). Subsequent productions have stared famous boy actors such as Freddy Bartholmew (1936) and Ricky Schroeder (1980).

Some producers like to adapt classic titles to modern times. This has occurred to a large number of classics. One of the major adaptations has been to update the clothing styles. One such adaptation has recently been released of Little Lord Fautleroy.

Writers in the 1950s began to use Little Lord Fautleroy suits as comic paradody to highlight juvenile appearances. Probably the most famous show to use a type of Fautleroy suit was the much-sindicated The Munsters (196?) which now appears on television all over the world. Eddie Munster was about 10-years old and sent to an ordinary American elementary school in a short pants velvet suit. Fashion designers have even taken to incorporating elements of Fautleroy suits into high fashion clothes for society women.

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