Ring Bearer and Page Costumes

Ring Bearer Costumes

Ring bearer are young boys who accompany the groom to bear the wedding ring on a satin pillow. Costumes for boys at formal weddings are often based on historic styles which have remained remarkably consistent over time. Formal weddings in the first half of the 20th Century might have the ring bearer in a costume harkening back to Little Lord Fauntleroy suits, although the wedding suits often are white, unlike actual Fauntleroy suits. In more recent years, the ring bearer often wears a white velvet or satin suit with short pants or knickers with white knee socks and black patent strap or buckle shoes. In the 1990s when formal dress is selected, blouse with lace collar is worn with short pants.

One of the key elements when a ring bearer costume fo a formal wedding is chosen is the collar. A variety of alternatives are possible. One company, for example, offeres ring bearer costumes in perfect harmony with the entire wedding party. This boys outfit with square Battenburg Lace collar and knickers (or shorts) is availiable in all frabrications and colors. Collars in white or ecru. Other boys styles include round Battenburg collar, a round self collar with piping, and a square self collar with piping. Style# 1011

Often such small boys are selected to serve as ring bearers or pages that they do not complain about their costumes. Other times older boys may serve and they may have decided ideas about their costumes. Apparently John F. Kennedy objected to a fanshionable outfit he was dressed in for one wedding.

Other variants, especially in Britain are military uniforms. Military uniforms are common and more popular with the boys than many of the more juvenile styles with shorts or knickers. Both army and navy styles are used. Prince William, for example, wore a smart long pants sailot suit and straw hat for his uncle's wedding. Another style popular in Britain are kilts.

Less formal costumes in America are often blue or white short pants Eton suits. White suits are common in the spring summer and black or navy blue Eton suits in the fall and winter. Some Eton suits for weddings in the 1990s have knickers instead of the shorts. but this is relatively rare. Traditional ring bearer costumes are becoming increasingly less common even in formal weddings. Many weddings now even have the ring bearer dressed in a tuxedo similar to the best man and other members of the groom's party.

Hats and caps are now uncommon, but a variety of styles have been used. Boys in sailor suits are even frilly blouses might wear a straw sailor hat. These hats once came with a dangling streamer hanging at the basck. The streamers are now less commonly used, but occasionally are employed. Boys in kilts might wear a Gelen ____ cap.

Ring bearers generally wear formal dress shoes for weddings. Mary Jane strap patent shoes or buckle shoes were once common. Currently variants like saddle shoes or plain black or white oxfords are frequently selected. Some outdoor weddings in the summer have the ring boy go barefoot.

Additional Information

Space limitations do not permit me to provide more information on ring bearer and pageboy costumes or historical photograhs. There is, however, additional information and historical photographs on the expanded Boys Historical Clothing web site. Photographs will be included on society weddings and some personal accounts. For details click here >>>>>> Expanded Site.

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