A one piece short pants garmet worn by small boys in the 1960s-70s. It was popularized by President Kennedy's son John. It usually was sleevless and worn with a dressy Peter Pan collar blouse or various play shirts. Sometimes for play it was worn without a shirt. The hem of the shorts was quite short. Mothers might buy a large size for a little boy, but he would wear them until they were quite short on him. There were several variants, some with sleves. It was common for boys from about 3 to 5, but boys as old as 7 might be dressed in them. They were generally worn by boys for less formal wear or before they were dressed in Eton suits or a proper short pants suit.

Shortalls declined in popularitybduring the late 1980s and are less common in the 1990s. Firms specializing in classic styles, however, still offer them. They are now generally made in todler sizes only up to about 4 years.

Christopher Wagner

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