Boy Scout and Other Youth Groups

Many of the youth groups popular with boys during the 20th century have required uniforms. The most obvious youth group is of course the Boy Scouts and related grous like Tiger, Cub, and Explorer Scouts. The Scouts

Figure 1.--The idea that youth organizations should have uniforms was set in Britain during the late 19th cenury and early 20th century. Whether uniforms will continue into the 21st century remains to be seen.
while by far the largest group in America and many European countries, is not the only group, nor was it the first. One of the earlist groups was the Boys' Brigade with its strong Christian connection. Amrica also has Camp Fire, a coed scout-like group. All of the modern totalitarian states had their youth groups like Hitler Youth and the Pioneers. The sinister nature of NAZI ideolgy leads us to recoil at images of the Hitler Youth. Less is known of the Communist Pioneer Movement. Now that the great totalitarian states have disappeared, except in China, these groups have all been suplanted by the Scoting movement. Scouting in America and England, however, has declined a ranks are only a fraction of the 2 million American boys who once participated. The other groups like Camp Fire and the Boys' brigade are much smaller. It is unclear what has caused the decline. Certainly boys today have many more options for their free time. The cost of uniforns and dues discourages others. Recruiting sufficently commited adult leaders is another problem. he Scoting Movement has attemted to reinvent itself, with modernized merit badges incliding computers and rocketry. The future of Scoting and other groups remains to be seen

Additional Information

Note: Space limitations do not permit me to provide more information on the extensive topic of Boy Scout and other youth group uniform pages or include historical photograhs. There is, however a great deal of additional information and many historical photographs about Scouting and the Boys' Brigade as well as the other youth groups on our expanded web sites. I'd be very interested in suggestons as to other youth groups you may have. For details on how to access the expanded BHC site click here >>>>>> Expanded Site.

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