Dancing Costumes

Boys often at mom's urging have participated in various dance programs. Many American boys somewhere between 10 and 13 take dancing lessons. For some it is an rather painful experience requiring that he dress up in his best suit. Other boys are involved in various ethnic dance programs (German, Greek, Native American, Irish, Scottish, and others). Some

This American boy is competing in an Irish dancing competition called a feis.
of the boys developed a real interest. Many are a little shy about their costumes. Michael Flatery of River Dance fame tells of being teased by his mates. But he was a boxer also and put a stop to it if it went to far. European countries (especially Russia) with a tradition in ballet manage to interest the boys. In Britain and America, ballet is a hard sell, although some boys become interest in tap dance or folk dancing like square dancing. Black Americans in recent years have shown a great interest in break dancing. Many of these dance forms have distinctive costumes or dress.

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