Boys' Hair Styles

Hair styles are not precisely clothing styles, of course, bit because they are such an integral part of how boys looked and were dressed during the past 500 years, that we would be remiss in not briefly

Figure 1.--Boys dressed in Fauntleroy suits were often done up in long sausage curls or at least long hair and bangs. Long hair became less common after the turn of the century.
addressing the topic. Boys hair fashions have ranged even more significantly than their clothes and have varied from the long sausage curls of the 1880-90s to the short crew cuts of the 1950s. Long hair became popular again in the 1970s and early 1980s. Boys in the 1990s have been freer to select a style and length that suited them with no one style predominating. The long hair worn in the 1970s, however, is now rarely seen. One style popular in the 1990s has been shearing the head off at the neck giving a bowl-cut look.