Boys' Caps

Boys and men wore hats and caps much more commonly in the past. Beginning in the 1950s head gear, except for baseball caps became much less common. Boys wore very formal caps in the late 19th century, many variatiins of sailor hats . In addition to these formals hats, many more informal caps have been worn

Figure 1.--This boy making a presentation to the Queen and is in a formal Scottish outfits sports a Tam O'Shanter with the trade-mark dangling black ribbon. Note the Eton collar which helps dates the picture to the 1920s.
by boys. A cap is a close-fitting head covering resembling a hat, but differing principally because of the absence of a brim or by having a brim that only partially circumvents the crown.

I have just begun collecting information on this subject, but some of the head gear to be covered include:

Christopher Wagner

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